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Deadly Sings Down Under

My Seven Deadly Sings suite received its Southern Hemisphere premiere in my home town Auckland, New Zealand, on 18 November 2015 at The Creative Jazz Club. Bearing little resemblance to the “jazz dive” my father warned me about more than 40 years ago, this intimate and sophisticated downstairs venue was filled to capacity with family, old friends, and lovers of jazz and new music.

I can’t thank enough the talented band of musicians who beat the music into shape within a few rehearsals and delivered a searingly exciting performance and some memorable solos on the night – including pianist Crystal Choi who stepped in for Phil Broadhurst at short notice. The NZ band: Andrew Hall – Alto and Baritone Sax; Pete France – Tenor Sax; Mike Booth – Trumpet/Flugel; Haydn Godfrey – Trombone; Cameron McArthur – Double Bass; Steve Thomas – Drums. I also have to thank the Creative Jazz Club, especially Caro Manins (a superb singer herself), for having me and setting up such a receptive audience.