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LGQ (Louise Gibbs Quartet) at HEART

LGQ – Louise Gibbs (vocals), Sam Leak (piano), Simon Read (double bass), Sam Gardner (drums) will be at HEART in Headingley, Leeds on Saturday night 16 May to deliver two engaging sets of music for you.

This will be the first time that LGQ has performed at HEART, and we’ll be offering a preview of material from our latest Missing project, new arrangements of some songs by poet, Peter Spafford, ‘Sins’ from Louise’s Seven Deadly Sings song suite (especially arranged for LGQ), along with some of our favourite jazz standards (Thelonious Monk, Duke Ellington, Arlen & Mercer).

The performance space at HEART has a beautifully warm acoustic that’s just right for subtle and interactive music making. It’s a singer’s treat! And especially rewarding if you want to hear the lyrics of a song. We’re keeping our fingers crossed (that is, until we have to play) that the grand piano which has just been donated to HEART will be in place for Sam Leak to dispense his magic.

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