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President-Elect of the BVA – An honour – and a duty…

If you have an interest in the professional speaking and singing voice then you may be aware of the British Voice Association (BVA). This multidisciplinary organization of professionals (laryngologists, medics, voice researchers, speech language therapists, speech coaches, and singing teachers) exists to share knowledge and the latest research in our fields.

Since becoming a BVA member 20 years ago my singing and teaching has benefitted from the wealth of expertise and knowledge generously shared amongst colleagues and the many courses on offer. I am therefore honored to be elected as President of the BVA from September 2020. My remit is to strengthen the multidisciplinary aspects of our work – for example, by investigating how we might find common technical terminology that spans our disciplines when we talk of larynxes and vocal folds (and many other interesting parts of the body) and their anatomical and expressive functions, and to develop and strengthen cross disciplinary partnerships.

3-5 September 2020 will also see the BVA’s research conference ‘Choice for Voice’ in Leeds. For more information: