Louise Gibbs & 5 Pieces of Silver

Five Pieces of Silver celebrate the joyous and enduringly soulful music of legendary pianist-composer Horace Silver. His Song for My Father; Nica’s Dream; Peace; Horacescope; Señor Blues; Sister Sadie, The Preacher are the mainstay of the jazz repertoire, and these and lesser-known material have been lovingly compiled and transcribed by 5PoS’s bassist, Paul Baxter and pianist, Zezo Olimpio.

The instrumental quintet was the composer’s format of choice for his many recordings. But Horace Silver also wrote lyrics to many of his pieces. Louise Gibbs joins Five Pieces of Silver to feature as both vocalist and sixth horn. 5PoS’s performances are no respectful nod to one of the most distinctive bandleaders in jazz but an invitation to rediscover, live, the creative energy and spirit of Silver’s legacy.

Five Pieces of Silver are: James Lancaster – Trumpet, John McKillup – Tenor Sax, Zezo Olimpio – Piano, Paul Baxter – Bass, Paul Smith – Drums