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(2011) How Creative is Improvisation? Paper presented to Performance Studies International Network Conference, CMPCP, University of Cambridge, July.

(2010) Can the Present Teach the Past? Improvisation as a creative tool for promoting authentic performance. Paper presented to International Schools of Jazz Conference, Corfu, October.

(2010) Evaluating Creative (jazz) Improvisation: distinguishing invention and originality. Paper presented to Leeds International Jazz Conference, March.

(2010) The Perfect Storm: Improvisation as Imperfect Composition. Paper presented to Philosophy & Music Study Day, Kings College, University of London, February.

(2008) The Jazz Voice: an overview of jazz style, vocal technique and the demands of rhythmic improvisation. Paper presented to BVA Annual Conference, London, July.

(2006) Keeping Improvisation Dangerous: the problem of fostering and assessing creative artistry. Paper presented to CETL Conference on Performance Teaching in Higher Education, RNCM, Manchester, July.

(2006) What Makes a Singer a Jazz Singer? Paper presented to Leeds International Jazz Conference.

(2002) What Difference Can Continuing Professional Development Make? Paper presented to Nat Assn of Music in Higher Education (NAMHE) Conference, London, May.

(2001) LiTMus Professional Development Study Materials for Musician-Teachers, September.

(2001) Teaching Opportunities for Jazz Musicians in The Jazz Musicians Guide Jazz Services Ltd, September.

(2001) Musicians Into Teachers: the professional development of performance teachers in higher education. Paper presented to Research in Music Education (RIME) conference, Exeter, April.

(2000) Alone Together: attending to individual needs within group teaching.  Conference paper delivered to European Piano Teachers Association, Manchester, June.

(2000) The Performance Teachers’ Development Project. Position paper to Nat Assn of Music in Higher Education Conference, Edinburgh, May.

(2000) Performance Teachers’ Development Project, May.

(1999) Jazz Singing: damaged voices and confused technique? In Jazz in Education (ed. Lucien Jenkins) Rhinegold Publishing, July.

(1999) Chasing a tale: tracing the subversion of the 12 bar blues form through the lyric Paper delivered to American Music Colloquium Kings College, London, June.

(1999) Musicians into Teachers: a professional development issue.  Conference paper delivered to British Jazz Educators’ Assn, Leeds, April.

(1999) What makes an effective teacher? Paper delivered to POP-PTDP Conference The future of music performance teaching and assessment in higher education, January.

(1998) Performance Teachers’ Development Project Study Pack.  Universities of Southampton, Surrey, London (Royal Holloway College), p1-140.

(1998) NVQs: what are they all about? In Music Teacher Vol 77 No 9, September.

(1998) Falling Through the Net.  In L Jenkins (ed) Examining Music: the content, form and future of music examinations Rhinegold Publishing, August.

(1997) Assessing Improvised Jazz Performance.  Paper to Goldsmiths Research Seminar Series , November.

(1996) Dismantling dumb singer syndrome.   Proceedings of the Jazz Educator’s Conference, Leeds, May.

(1996) Jazzy number.  In The Singer  Rhinegold Publications,  January

(1995) Group dynamics and group instrumental teaching   Conference paper delivered to EPTA July.

(1995) Teaching teachers to improvise; Jazz vocal improvisation.  Two conference papers delivered to New Zealand Music Educators’ Conf. Wellington, May.

(1995) Do private music teachers have a preferred learning style?  In ISM Music Journal February.

(1994) Mystery and mastery: the roles of vocal improvisation in community settings.  Conference paper delivered to Voice in Community Music UEA August.

(1994) Can Improvisation be Taught?  In Challenging Assumptions II AATEM and Exeter University, pp8-15.

(1993) Private Lives: report on the survey of private music teachers and their professional development and training  Goldsmiths College, University of London,  pp 1-70.

(1993) Quality horses for quality courses: matching students with courses in music.  In M Shaw and E Roper (eds) Quality in Education and Training Kogan Page, pp 114-119.