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Louise Gibbs Quartet

Following a thrilling and artistically successful gig at The Grove in March (the audience were quality for sure), the Louise Gibbs Quartet officially exists (previously LG and 3Sam) and is ready to settle down, settle in and learn new original music and some choice reconfigured jazz standards. The quartet will find its way to your bandstand by end of year, and will also be at the core of Louise’s new song suite project: Seven Deadly Sings (more anon)…

This isn’t a band for supporting the singer like a corset for wobbling flesh! The Quartet’s approach is for each of its individual improvising players to contribute to the group identity, listening to and firing off each other to create maximally acoustic music.  The leader aside (who shall remain ageless) is joined by these talented musicians, each yet to reach their quarter century. They are: Sam Leak (piano); Sam Vicary (bass); Sam Gardner (drums).