Louise Gibbs and The Septet

with Tony Kofi (alto/baritone saxes), Tim Whitehead (tenor sax/bass clarinet), Quentin Collins (trumpet/flugelhorn), Tom White (trombone), Sam Leak (piano), Oli Hayhurst (double bass), Sam Gardner (drums)

Original text and music by Louise Gibbs

33Xtreme003 (33Jazz)

“Superlatives are superfluous! Quite simply – buy it! Although it doesn’t sound like Ellington there’s an Ellington-ish quality to this music in that each participant makes an almost orchestral contribution to the integrity of each piece. This is not a voice and accompaniment album, there is little traditional writing for the horns, each instrument, including Louise’s voice, is a colour, a texture that defines the mood suggested by the name of each ‘sin’. Maybe superlatives are necessary after all because this is a magnificent album on every level, drawing wonderful performances from all the players. It deserves every possible award…”  – Tony Faulkner, composer/arranger, drummer

“Original and varied. The writing is very impressive and different from what I would have expected. Great music and (despite being “different”) recognisably you. When is it about to be unleashed on the general public? I think we ought to be warned.”
– Brian Priestley, pianist, writer

Exceptional music, and refreshingly original”
– Tim Whitehead, composer, performer and educator